Pocket Carnival Productions presents The Cavalcade of Marvels, a theatrical tour-de-force, combining carny music, street magic, puppetry, showmanship and cheeky chicanery, resulting in an old time carnival show, based on traditional acts that have entertained audiences at outdoor fairs, town squares and travelling sideshows for untold centuries!

Witness Magical Miracles of Marvelosity! Laugh till you choke at the 350 year old Lamentable Absurdical Chronicle of Punch & Judy! Dance along to finger snapping, old time medicine show music! And Scratch Your Skin With Delight at the Greatest Flea Circus in All the Known World!

Itinerant Showman, and charming huckster, Buster Canfield combines forces with the old time musical stylings of The World Renowned, Webb & Daisy Waters, to create a theatrical outdoor extravaganza that harkens back to the street fairs and carnivals of the 1920s and 30s.

Like the Side Show Triple-Os of an era gone by, The Cavalcade of Marvels is a glorious spectacularama of unparallelled wonderment that you and you family will remember for the rest of your natural lives!

Performed and created by
Eric Woolfe
Jenny Young
Gordon Bolan

Under the guidance of
Christine Brubaker

With costumes by
Melanie McNeill

Show Times

The Cavalcade of Marvels!


The Cavalcade of Marvels is presented as part of the Toronto Arts Councils Arts in the Parks Program.

All shows begin at 2:30 pm

Sat, July 23nd , Sun, July 24th

Sat July 30th ,  Sun, July 31st

Sat August 6th, Sun August 7th

Sat August 13th, Sun August 14th

Sat August 20th, Sun August 21st, 2016 

An Old Time Carnival Show,

performed by Three World Class Entertainers!

Weekends, July 23rd till  August 21st in beautiful Panorama Park

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